The last coaching program you'll need.
Attract More Clients
Build Your Community
Launch Your Offers
How to Market Your Coaching Business
and Launch Your Offers
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The ONLY program you'll need to build, launch and create a profitable business online.

Coaches, Consultants and Service Based Businesses

  • You want a process to follow with exact steps on what to do and when - you are tired of "freebies." 

  • You want messaging that attracts your ideals clients who want to pay you.

  • You’ve been working "hard" at creating consistent sales with no real results.

  • You've seen women on the beach, sharing how launching is a horrible process that you don't need, as they enroll you into their "funnel". 

  • You know the real value of investing your time, effort and money into your business and are willing to put in the work.

  • You sometimes feel like you're all over the place and want guidance on what to do next.

  • You’re trying to DUCK-TAPE a profitable business together. You have all of the bits and pieces but your missing the the sequence to make it work more seamlessly. 
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Over 50 on-demand courses + weekly LIVE trainings.
The Foundation

We prioritize member success as a cornerstone of our mission. Our commitment to your success begins right from the moment you enter orientation - don't skip this.

Once you've completed the orientation process and taken the quiz, the results will guide you onto the optimal path, setting you up for a journey towards excellence.

Quickstart GUIDES

Quick Guides are crafted to empower you to achieve key business milestones within just 14 days of completing your orientation. Select your desired outcome, and then embark on a curated learning journey through our specialized courses. Each QG provides you with a trainings on precisely how to navigate and complete essential tasks.

Build Track

The Build Track has been thoughtfully crafted to assist you in cultivating your audience in alignment with your unique brand identity. These include strategies for growing your email list, creating impactful challenges, crafting compelling content, and mastering digital tools to build your audience with virtual (webinars.) and in-person events.

Launch Track

Delve into our Launch Track, where we explore the intricate synergy of campaigns, funnels, and automation. Gain hands-on experience in configuring the digital backbone of your business, encompassing the creation of webinars, seamless sequences, and strategic launch campaigns.

There are a multitude of methods to launch, we are supporting you with the foundation.

Relevant Trainings

Every month, we produce a LIVE, strategically tailored business training that serves as the guiding light for the upcoming month. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with distinctive, purpose-driven, and actionable content that is based on the specific needs of our members.

Our ultimate aim is to equip you with the essential tools to help you achieve your goals and realize your entrepreneurial aspirations

Social Media

Stay at the forefront of content strategies and social media tactics to elevate your brand awareness and cultivate a dedicated following with the clear intention of attracting leads and enriching your community through valuable offers.

BLU includes elective LIVE monthly trainings for Facebook and Instagram paid ads, organic techniques for TikTok, and how to harness the power of Instagram Reels to grow your audience and authority.
Protect Your Work

One of the most significant and potentially expensive pitfalls that entrepreneurs, especially women, often encounter is failing to safeguard their businesses legally. Your intellectual property represents your most precious asset, and we're here to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to effectively protect it.

Press + Personality

Elevating your brand and sharing your unique story in the media spotlight presents a golden opportunity to enhance your visibility and fortify your brand identity. By expanding your presence across both traditional and emerging media platforms, you're strategically positioning yourself as the foremost authority in your niche.


Discover the art of cultivating and leveraging strategic alliances that fuel your business growth and amplify the reach of your product launches. In doing so, you not only enhance the value proposition for your partners but also broaden the horizons for your shared audience, creating a win-win synergy.

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Sherri follows the process.
From no launch experience, single mom & police officer to $350,000/yr CEO
Sherri's 1st Launch Results
A duplicatable proven process,
Sherri continues to profit
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Get all the answers you need for a
profitable launch ...

You NEVER have to do business alone again, the steps are all right HERE.

Inside BLU, you'll have the education, accountability, expert and peer support, coaching and transformation in one space.

What if it only took you a few weeks to do what you've been "trying" to do for months or even years...

I know how it feels to spin your wheels online with so many marketing messages at your fingertips.  When I started my coaching business in 2011, I knew I needed to launch a program and attract clients, but I had no idea HOW to do it.

I watched lots of free webinars and bought everything I could find, hoping that every coach’s program would be what I needed.

But no one taught me how to pull all of it together - this was the frustrating part! 

I was all over the place and getting some results but not the results I wanted...

I was over it but I know the process has to work, I didn't know what the "process" was!

So, I did what most women do when it seems like there are no other options...

I taught myself 
then mastered the strategy and systems necessary to create consistent visibility and revenue.

Inside BLU, my team and I will teach you the exact process we used with modern day innovation to support your success.

You don't need another program, you need BLU.

Renea Paulsen
BLU Member
The change up on my messaging has been working so well!! I have had a REEL go viral, increased my following, nearly doubled my email list, added 3 new clients, have 3 meetings with potential clients next week, PLUS have people signed up for my online program BEFORE my masterclass was even finished...

The first launch made over 5K, which was my highest one so far. And I feel like that wasn’t even a full launch because my launch email/post sequence is getting better every time.

BLU Member 
Choose your learning style and path best for your desire outcomes.
BLU Scholar
Promotional: $797/mo
  • Everything in BLU plus:
  • Weekly Strategy & Coaching w/Aprille
  • General Ticket to Conference
  • Vacation Voucher (no timeshare!)
  • Success Path Perks
    • Month 1 - 1:1 Success Coaching
    • Month 2 - Sales Copy + Pitch Review
    • Month 3 - 1:1 w/Aprille
    • Month 4 - BLU Swag
    • Month 5 - Unlock Planning Retreat Admission
    • Month 6 - 1:1 Success Coaching
BLU Self-Pace
Promotional: $777/yr

  •  On-Demand Access 50+ "How-to" Digital Marketing Courses
  • Weekly LIVE Trainings
    • Marketing Automation
    • FB/IG Ads 
    • Social Media Strategies 
  • Access to Peer Support FB Community

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Success Stories that SLAY!
As of last night (1/28/23)... I've hit ALL of my number goals for my masterclass... thanks Aprille Franks ❤️❤️❤️

This is the first time EVER! Been in business for almost 9 years. I've changed businesses, I've changed structures, but the biggest flex is I've changed ME 😭😭😭 JUST THANKS... Now time to grow it and keep going! 🙏
Treshelle Williams
Now, I have been launching... or at least I thought I've been launching. I've had many programs, and this really went through every step that you need, and I'm able to see exactly, step by step like: this should be here, this should be in this week. It was so detailed.

I'm seeing exactly what I've been missing and why I haven't been pulling in consistent 25K months. And this tool is going to allow me to fully serve my clients. So thank you so much, Aprille, for creating this, for sharing it with us and for empowering us to have consistent income.
Ameera Muhammad
BLU Member

Yes you will be scared. Yes it will stretch you but this has been beyond worth it. It's been a game-changer when it comes to my business and my mindset. I now have a solid plan and method on how I (a) show up in my tribe and (b) launch new products and services. It's a plug and play, repeatable system that I can now implement time and time again. I feel in control and can finally work ON PURPOSE versus just halfway throwing stuff out there to see what sticks. 

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Dejuana Golden
Resume Branding Specialist
Special Needs Parenting 
 When I first started... I knew I wanted to box my brilliance into a Signature Program, but as a multifaceted woman, I was all over the place. However, watching Aprille launch her own program and hearing her repeatedly say sell what you know, something clicked. Now I have TWO Signature Programs, an Academy, and an active FB group. I'm grateful for clarity and a process that now helps me monetize my brilliance! 
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Toni Moore
The Small Biz Lawyer
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Aprille Franks 

Feminine Conscious Business Coach, Aprille Franks is the Founder of Women Recharged, parent to EPICWOMAN. As a master community builder, content creator and launch strategist to women entrepreneurs, she helps women operate within their divine feminine power.

Her super power is transforming the business and personal lives of the women connected to her.

Her ability to galvanize online communities through attraction content marketing is inspiring and duplicable through her coaching model, the Best of Both Worlds.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know BLU is for me?
If you are a Coach, Expert, Consultant or service based business and you want to build an audience online using digital marketing in any way, this is for you. 
When does the classes start?
Build & Launch University, is all ON-DEMAND and available as soon as you enroll and get your login creds. The LIVE Expert Training schedule will be emailed to you once you enroll. Those trainings are weekly. 
How long do I have access to the content?
BLU is an active membership. As long as you are a paying member, you'll have access to all the trainings and the weekly LIVE trainings. 
Is my investment refundable?
YES, after 48 hours you feel it's not for you, we'll refund you 100% of your tuition. You must email within the stated time frame.
My question isn't here, now what?

Contact our support with any questions at EPIC SUPPORT.

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